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Shark evo one 2 vs evo es

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Обзор шлема Shark Evo One 2 модуляр

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SHARK 2019/2020

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Necessary Necessary. Non-necessary Non-necessary. View Cart Checkout Continue Shopping.We like the Evo-One 2. The Evo One replaced the Evoline helmet a few years ago. It was a cleverer lid with lots of added features. But it was, sadly, released into the market before it was ready for production, and it was let down by a couple of minor design flaws.

Early last year, the Evo-One 2 replaced the Evo-One. It was a much improved version. It did everything it was supposed to. It works well, and we have had no issues with it. Shark itself, and the importer, were never really forthcoming. The Evo-One is a case in point. As a result, the Shark is a helmet without a great identity. And so it often gets overlooked.

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It was on a recent trip to Paris to meet with a supplier that I had a Eureka moment about the Evo-One. Literally every other commuter, whether they were on a high-powered scooter, an MP3, or a proper motorbike, was wearing an Evo-One. Paris is different to London.

And there are almost no bicycles. As in Milan and Rome, every street corner is free parking for bikes. Frankly, in cities like Paris, a bike makes so much sense, which is why everybody from the shop assistant to the chief executive commutes on a bike.

And a very significant proportion of the riders we saw wore a Shark. And again, this makes sense.SHARK Helmets is a French brand with over 30 years worth of experience creating high quality lids that cater to a range of motorcycle disciplines, from sport-bike riders to off-road enthusiasts.

For those of us looking for a versatile helmet to take on tourthe EVO One range in particular has proved increasingly popular with its dual homologation, meaning riders can wear it as a full-face or open face helmet.

Flip-front helmets are a popular choice among motorcycle tourers and commuters alike, providing versatility and comfort. The visor automatically lifts up when you raise or lower the chin guard up and over your head, where it locks at the back of the helmet rather than on top like most other models. The EVO-ES is dual-homologated, so it can be legally, safely and comfortably used in the open and locked position, and it is fastened using a quick-release chin strap.

This is easy to use whether the chin bar is in the open or shut position. The clear, anti-scratch, visor can quickly be released, and it is treated with an anti-fog coating instead of making use of a Pinlock. When the temperatures start to increase, a chin vent and two large scoops on top of the helmet let in plenty of air, while two exhaust vents hidden in the rear spoiler help to draw it out and circulate it through the helmet.

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Author: Ollie Rooke Home. Articles Gear Helmets Motorcycle Clothing. Flip-front Flip-front helmets are a popular choice among motorcycle tourers and commuters alike, providing versatility and comfort. Type to search or hit ESC to close. Remember Me. Sign In. Lost password?

shark evo one 2 vs evo es

Create an account. A password will be emailed to you.The original Shark Evoline modular helmet was first launched in It made for a helmet that, in some ways, gave riders the best of both worlds. In the closed position, you had a proper full-face helmet. Rotate the chin bar around to the back of the helmet, and you got what was pretty much a traditional open-face helmet. And, of course, in this regard the helmet was much more useable than a typical flip-lid which, frankly, was never designed for riding in the open position.

The Shark was always a more serious proposition than the Roof. The Roof was much more suited to urban riding, and indeed it became hugely popular with urban commuters and couriers. The Shark, by contrast, was much better for riding on the open road. Okay, in terms of quiet, it was still no Schuberth, but it was good enough. Raise the chin bar, and you got a very useable open-face with particularly good protection around the jaw and chin.

In fact, the Shark was, and still is, about as protective as an open-face ever could be. Many continental Police forces, especially the French, adopted the Evoline as the perfect tool for their particular role.

They could bomb down the Autoroute at three figure speeds with all the protection of a standard full-face, but having caught their prey they could raise the chin bar to tell the poor hapless motorist why they were being given a ticket! The Evoline was eventually supplanted by the Evoline 2, and later the Evoline 3.

Inhowever, Shark effected a major upgrade. The new helmet was called the Evo-One, and it incorporated a number of improvements over the old Evoline. The tolerances throughout were much finer.

On the new helmet, when the visor was open, it sat much closer to the shell, for much less wind resistance, for example. Shark was inordinately proud of the fact that the new helmet had, apparently, been reverse engineered! But the biggest change was to the visor mechanism itself.

Now, on the old Evoline 3, if you wanted to bring the chin bar from the rear position round to the front of the helmet, you had to first raise the visor.

Shark Introduces New EVO-ES Modular Helmet

And so, on the new Evo-One helmet a complicated system of internal levers and cams meant that when you raised the chin bar from the back of the helmet, the visor raised automatically, allowing the chin bar to clear it without contact. It was a clever system. But there was a problem. The mechanism was temperamental, meaning that the chin bar sometimes got stuck. Equally, it could be difficult to close; to such an extent that Shark attempted to issue instructions explaining how owners should close their helmets.

Nothing confirmed the existence of a flaw in the design of the helmet more than those instructions! But, actually, the bigger problem was that the improved tolerances were so fine that the Pinlock, when fitted to the inside of the visor, had a tendency to rub against the brow of the helmet.

It created marks on the surface of the Pinlock right in the middle of the line of sight. Shark was sometimes able to make adjustments to a helmet to resolve the issue, but they were not always successful, and many people simply returned their Evo-Ones for a refund.A flip-front motorcycle helmet can offer touring and every day riders unparalleled levels of versatility; the Shark Evo-One 2 reviewed here — with its distinctive full flip design — takes it one step further.

The chromed plastic has also discoloured a little, developing something of a posterised bloom, despite no cleaners being used on it. The chin section is released with a button on the front, and latches in place at the back.

To bring it to the front again, you just need to lift it from the centre and roll it over. If you try to do it any other way, one or both of the sides can fail to latch.

The Evo-One 2 has a chin vent, and always-open exhaust vent on the top, along with a pair of independent top vents that are set a couple of inches in front of the exhaust. Of course, being a flip-front, you can have the Shark open when things get really hot, and the Evo-One 2 really is a lid that excels at being totally usable as an open-face, where others are more of a compromise.

The chin vent has a short travel, so feels a little vague when wearing gloves. A curtain is stowed neatly in the chin piece and can be pulled down to create a better seal.

The visor opens automatically as the chin section is rolled back. Equally, if you have the visor down with the chin in the open orientation, the visor will open as you roll the chin around to the front. My glasses are usually the real issue, but as the Evo-One is quite airy, they rarely fog much at all. There are then around six stages to the visor, which are easiest to locate when closing, rather than opening the visor.

A note in the box say to push the visor down from the centre top to avoid deforming it and the Pinlock rubbing on the shell. A micrometric strap is fitted — while some prefer a double-D fastener, this ratchet system is quick, simple and reliable — perfect for everyday use as you can operate it with gloves on. If you want a flip-front lid purely for the undeniable convenience of being able to pop it open when stopping for fuel or talking to people, the Shark is a good option, but some other often more expensive helmets might be a little less fiddly.

But if you ride with the helmet in its open orientation a lot — perhaps as a regular touring rider in hot countries — the Evo-One 2 really is hard to beat.

Tested: Shark Evo-One 2 motorcycle helmet review. By John Milbank. Ventilation The Evo-One 2 has a chin vent, and always-open exhaust vent on the top, along with a pair of independent top vents that are set a couple of inches in front of the exhaust. Visor The visor opens automatically as the chin section is rolled back.

Fastening A micrometric strap is fitted — while some prefer a double-D fastener, this ratchet system is quick, simple and reliable — perfect for everyday use as you can operate it with gloves on. Conclusion If you want a flip-front lid purely for the undeniable convenience of being able to pop it open when stopping for fuel or talking to people, the Shark is a good option, but some other often more expensive helmets might be a little less fiddly.

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shark evo one 2 vs evo es

How to Choose the best motorcycle helmet. Tested: Shoei Neotec II helmet review. Tested: Spada Reveal motorcycle helmet review. Tested: Shoei Neotec review. Latest News from Bike Social.This is very similar to the first Evo-One but with a slightly modified chin bar opening mechanism to make things smoother. We recommend you check out Revzilla PA for outstanding service, free delivery, competitive prices including pricematch and 30 day no quibble returns.

Please see here for more info on our recommended stores or click the links to go straight to their Shark helmets pages.

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At SHARP, it scored an excellent four out of five stars for safety read more about their safety testing here. So if you buy an Evo-One, check the production number on the chin strap — models with a number before production number have the earlier chin guard latch, so make sure you return it to your retailer. The aero design with rear spoiler and small and round helmet shape, magnetic chin curtain and plush lining are all there to contribute to suppressing noise. Two crown vents are on the top of the helmet, individually opened and closed by small sliders, and warm air exits the helmet just behind, from an exhaust below the spoiler on the top of the helmet.

But everyone who commented reckon everything conspires to do a great job at keeping your head cool — and in combination with the Pinlock Max Vision more below it keeps the shield fog free too. However, take note and if you have a problem, get in touch with your retailer to get it sorted — and let us know. We often read about sun visors being a bit too light or a bit too short.

shark evo one 2 vs evo es

Unlike most makers Roof excepted they try and make it so their chin guards get well out of the way, making their modulars work really well as open-face helmets too.

The Evo-One 2 is no exception. Shark do say the chin guard should be closed using both hands though and by pulling down at the sides, not the front. All in all, the chin guard is a pretty slick system and most folks say it works nice and smoothly. It can be a bit tricky at first by all accounts, but you soon get the hang of it. We usually mention shell sizes in the safety section when we review helmets.

But Shark have managed to pull off a neat trick with the Evo-One 2. That makes for a helmet that looks pretty good. The links below will take you to their Shark helmet pages. Revzilla are based in Philadelphia and offer outstanding service at the time of writing 9.

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Overall, build quality is reported to be really good, with a nice finish and solid feel to it — especially at this not exorbitant price. One owner tried to fit his Cardo headset but found the mic boom too long.Much in advance of the trip, we received in the mail all of our hotel and transportation vouchers, a detailed itinerary, a map with a suggested driving route and all of our hotels plotted on it, along with suggestions about where to eat and what to do and see along the way.

Alexandra was efficient, helpful, responsive and always cheerful. Once in Iceland, we received an Iceland Road Atlas and a phone to use in emergencies.

Nothing went wrong on this trip. If it had, I know that Nordic Visitor would have helped us in any way that they could. My expectations are high and they were surpassed. We just returned from an awesome nine day trip with visits to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Cecilia from Nordic Visitor coordinated the trip including transporation between the cities and hotels. She even coordinated a last minute change during our trip.

Overall, we had a great trip and are very happy with our expereince with Cecilia and Nordic Visitor. This review comes a little late but then better late than never. Last year we booked the four corners tour of Iceland with nordic visitor.

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Our trip from day one was very well planned and organised. Iceland is a beautiful country no doubt but with the services of Nordic visitor it became an unforgetable experience. Here i want to specially thank HELMUR for the promptness in resolving any issues and taking care of all our needs as we were travelling with small children aged 4 and 11.

Must acknowledge and thanks HJULTI who went out of his way to show the best face of Nordic Visitor team. Wish them all the best.

I was very pleased with the whole experience. My thanks to Kolbrun who was always quick to reply to my emails and questions. She was very helpful throughout. I liked the hotels selected and the locations they were in. Overall the holiday was a great success and I am sure at some stage we will book another holiday through yourselves. The map provided to us highlighting the route and where the hotels were located, as well as attractions, was extremely helpful.

Tested: Shark Evo-One 2 motorcycle helmet review

The itinerary was well planned and we never felt rushed. We really enjoyed your wonderful country. We asked Alexandra to try to get us the best rooms possible that were also quiet, if possible. It was obvious that she had done so at every destination.

She asked us what we wanted, listened, asked a few good questions and then did her best to find us what we asked for and we were very pleased with the results. The materials provided by Nordic Visitor were fantastic. We used the maps and the brochures and the itinerary and read every suggestion. The map with a suggested driving route to each of our marked hotels was very helpful. We were very, very well prepared for this trip because of the outstanding work done and materials provided by Nordic Visitor.

The trip was planned for us (based on what we wanted to do) and all of the details had been taken care of for us. The route was planned, the hotel reservations were made, we had books and maps sent to us and we were provided with a phone and GPS. Working with Alexandra was just a pleasure. From the very first email I sent of inquiry about the possibility of booking a trip with Nordic Visitor until the email I sent at the end of our trip asking if we could change our shuttle pickup time at the hotel, she was helpful, knowledgeable, responsive and always cheerful.

Thanks to Alexandra and Nordic Visitor, this was one of the best planned and organized trips we have ever taken. Nothing went wrong, but I have every confidence that Nordic Visitor would have helped us had there been any problems.

I have no recommendations for how Nordic Visitor could improve what it does and that is unusual for me.


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